So THAT was 2023!

Well well - looks like a year has passed with no visible comment. That's not to say nothing's happened! 

2023 - finally! - saw the advent of Mockingbird, a new band featuring Douglas Montgomery (violin, guitar), Andy Taylor (lead guitar), El Kevano (keyboards), Colin Drever (bass), Will Scott (drums, vocal) and myself (doing what I do). This line-up, minus Douglas, had lurked about for a few months in 2022 calling itself the Poplar Jake Band, pretty much playing straight ahead blues. There was some crossover with the Poplar Jake Trio repetoire, and a few folks were involved in a few other things, so I kind of let it lapse. But these guys are not the sort to let things lie! After some months of inactivity, all who had been involved showed interest it getting it going again, and thus encouraged, I agreed.

Only this time, I wanted some icing on the cake. Enter Douglas Montgomery, adding some real class and colour to a set that, this time out, would not be all woke up this morning. This would be something different. As well as drawing on country, rock, Americana and Brit R&B, the band began performing original material. In the latter half of 2023 we played out, to great reception. Keep an eye on, and don't forget to check back here while I try and balance the two sites! 

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