Phil Tait joins Poplar Jake Band

At the close of 2017, drummer Dave Sims decided it was time to leave the Electric Delta Review. Dave's water-tight, swinging blues-infused grooves had been the backbone of the band from Day One, and it was this, as much as anything, that set the band apart. But The Guv'nor's always been a family man, and he'd reached a stage in life where that had to take precedence. He'd taught us a lot, he'd shared the laughs and he'd made us swing like f*ck, but All Things Must Pass, as somebody once said somewhere.

So how do you replace The Guv'nor?

With Mr Phil Tait, that's how.

Phil came along for a rehearsal in January 2018 and impressed us all by laying down that Mud-style Chicago groove in a fearsome fashion. That was his ticket in. Our first release, No More Signifyin' was steeped in that vibe, and it's been crucial to the band's sound ever since. But Phil also brought a splash of colour, and a bit of spice, and a whole shitload of enthusiasm. After we publicly announced Phil's appointment, we were beset by the good folk of the Wiltshire blues scene complimenting us on our choice and looking forward to seeing the new line-up. This man has his own following. Can't be bad.

To mark the transition, we renamed ourselves The Poplar Jake Band. The new band makes its debut with Phil at the Prescott Bike Festival, April 14 2018.