OK, it's not the cup of Christ or the sacred vessel of Arthurian myth.

It's more like...well...a reverb pedal.

But it's vintage, it's huge, and it's just so gosh-darned funky!

Right or wrong, I still get a typically teenage rush out of stuff like this. At my time of life, you'd perhaps expect a post like "Yah, well I paid £400 for it*, you know, but it was worth it because it came with the original box..." Then it sits on the shelf, waiting for the opportunity to be shown off to a fellow 'afficionado', no doubt with the intention of instigating some sort of guitar players' penis envy.

Well BOLLOCKS TO THAT! These things were made to be played.

Can't wait to try it out! Oooh, mum, I wish I had a gig tonight!

It's the Holier Grail! But it's not a sacred relic.

*I didn't pay £400 for it. I'm not that daft.

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